YMY Marketing Plan as of 4.28.19

Constant, consistent, You Managing You Content

Same content re-arranged hundreds of different ways.

Whatever it is we generate, it gets applied to the areas listed. 

EABM     Pintrest

RGM       Linkdin

RGM/EABM    Facebook

RGM/EABM     AdWords

RGM/EABM     All others found and tried.

Get started with the basics. 

Increase Your Control

Increase Your Value

Work with Sean once a month.   $100 for 60-90 minutes

Keep Wes moving on our weekly agenda.  8Hrs X $15 =

Execute a consistent flow of content into out-bound OK file.

Maintain a regular schedule for each platform.

Twice a month to start.

Less is more during each post.


Moving on to EABM book sales management.


Maintain Ongoing Knowledge of Book Cost PER ORDER

You just ordered 100.

How much each $ once delivered ? 

EXAMPLE Book Cost FOB 32068 

At 100.00 $ 12.00

Shipping Out $ 2.50

Packaging $ .50

Other $ .05

True Cost: $ 15.05

Sold At: $ 20.00

Difference: $ 4.95

Order Contribution at 100% = $ 495

Shipping May 2019

Serious question ?

How do you know when you get a Amazon order ?


Please support the great people at Children's Miracle Network of hospitals that help the children.


Let's Connect!

Robbin is always at robbin@youmanagingyou.com

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Orange Park, FL 32065-9998