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October 2019 - An impartial professional book reviewer says:


"It’s hard to stand out in a sea of books that all promise self-improvement and self-development. I must have read a dozen of them this year, and I already feel the self-help fatigue setting in. It would have been easy to bypass You Managing You by Robbin McCool, but the non-traditional format quickly drew me in. Using simple illustrations, pre-formatted note pages, and fonts of varying sizes and colors interspersed with traditional typeset text, McCool turned the quest for a better you into a fun and interactive experience."

“I’m not here to explain the why,” McCool says right off the bat. “I’m here to work with the who and the who is you.” All people have the same five tools at their disposal — time, habits, action, priorities, and confidence. Your success depends on how well you manage them. As promised, McCool provides some specific and practical advice. There are worksheets to help you plan for the day, week, and month ahead. He doesn't tell you to change your old habits, but he gives examples of better habits that you can adopt. There's a planner to help keep track of your actions and a guide to help you make a priority list. There are "you-affirmation" statements to bolster your confidence."

"McCool also has some intriguing ideas. “Forget self-improvement,” he says. “Think ‘you’ management.” He suggests SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, a technique commonly employed in the business setting, as a personal assessment strategy. Like other self-help authors, he advocates making a list of your goals, but he also discourages the use of technological aids at the start of the process. I’ve tried several note-taking and motivation apps before, and I agree that working with a tangible list leads to better results. Overall, I like how McCool grounds his “you-centered” philosophy in the idea that “you have to help yourself before you can help anyone else.”

Professional Review from OnlineBookClub.org

October 2019

December 2019 - A Kirkus reviewer says:


"This work by Robbin is appropriately described by the author as “NOT a ‘book’ book. It is a ‘you’ note book.” In fact, it may be one of the more nontraditional manuals to present self-improvement advice. Rather than follow the standard convention of a contents page or even chapters, this volume is divided into sections, each addressing an area of personal development, “Time,” “Habits,” and “Actions,” among them. While interrelated, the sections seem to stand alone as well, creating a kind of modular structure. Even within the sections, text and graphics are broken into smaller, self-contained chunks. For instance, the “Habits” section displays 11 huge headlined words, including “Think,” “Consider,” and “Practice,” on separate pages, along with an A to Z list of essentially positive behavioral adjectives, such as “admirable…authentic…brilliant…charming…skillful…talented.” The accompanying text generally discusses how to develop good habits."


The reviewer also said:

"Written in a free-flowing style, the book is peppered with a multitude of callouts, bold divider pages, oversized headlines, varying type sizes, color graphics, and places for readers to take notes. Featured here is a fairly heavy emphasis on list making. Clearly, the graphically chaotic book is designed to have both a visual and an emotional impact. The overall effect might be considered highly engaging by some and disconcertingly disjointed by others. Visually oriented readers who are willing to navigate this unusually formatted guide may find the content engaging. Still, this enjoyable, if scattershot, book delivers worthwhile tips on setting goals, establishing priorities, building confidence, and managing time, and provides a smattering of self-improvement advice on how to be more efficient and productive."

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